The Moka Project

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About Moka

  • An Android application to revolutionize in-room collaboration.
  • A JavaScript-based output platform for beautiful realtime rendering.
  • A powerful Java/Jade-based backend server for the heavy computation and across devices synchronization.

Try it

You can try Moka by cloning our GitHub repos or by downloading directly the following zipballs:

Public API

Moka has a public API for you to be able to interact and make requests with our very own system. We use a RESTful-based server architecture, allowing you to make the following requests:

  • @GET $SERVER_IP/api/user/list
    Returns the list of users currently connected to the system.
  • @GET $SERVER_IP/api/item/list
    Returns the list of items currently added to the system.
  • @GET $SERVER_IP/api/history/list
    Returns the list of every action that occured in the system.
  • @POST $SERVER_IP/api/item/{id}/image
    Allows to add an image resource (.jpg format) for the item
    at the given {id}.
  • @GET $SERVER_IP/api/item/{id}/image
    Returns the image of the item whose id is {id}.

Please note that we currently only support JSON format, but we totally plan to support other formats in a very near future.

The Moka Project in action

Moka App Moka App

Credits and License

Credits go to Thomas Barthélémy, Vincent Barthélémy, Thomas Keunebroek and Alexandre Masciulli

Licensed under the Beerware License:

You can do whatever you want with this stuff.
If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy us a beer (or basically anything else) in return.